The Right Tool for the Job

Pretty hangers all in a row.

Pretty hangers all in a row.


Happy anniversary of¬†Roe v Wade, y’all! To celebrate, I’m writing about hangers. Because I’m classy and tasteful like that.

I’m all about using the right tool for the job. And here’s the thing: hangers are important. Choosing the right hanger can help extend the life of your clothing. You spend money on your wardrobe, and money is valuable, so it makes sense to protect your investment.

So, let’s look at some types of hangers:

  • Tubular hangers – These are the plastic hangers that make up the bulk of what’s hanging in most people’s closets. Try not to go too cheap and flimsy here, you need something that will support your clothing. They’re great for things like t-shirts, polos, dress shirts and blouses. If they have little indentations or hooks along the tops, they can also be good for tanks and light¬†summer dresses.
  • Wooden hangers – Sometimes called suit hangers. These are more heavy duty, and can take on heavier items like jackets, coats, robes, and heavier dresses. Since they’re usually slightly curved or contoured, they really help your clothing hold onto their shape.
  • Padded hangers – These are good for lingerie, evening wear, and delicate knits. Generally covered in linen or satin, they help keep your delicate items free of snags.
  • Clamp hangers – Use these for skirts and pants to keep away weird creases and wrinkles. But please, please, please remember to hang your items from the waist or the cuffs, or those crease-fighting efforts will be all for naught.
  • Metal or wire hangers – Even if you never by them, these kinds of hangers always find their way into your house. They’re affordable and functional, and can be quite the space-saving helper. But, only use them for lightweight items, or you’ll be watching them droop before they dump your clothes on the floor.

A few guidelines to help you choose the right hanger for taking care of your lovelies:

  • Use multi-tiered hangers to help save space in a crowded closet.
  • Sweaters should be folded to help them keep their shape. It’s very easy for the shoulders and neckline to become stretched and misshapen, and those weird shoulder puckers can hang out all day…which is just not pretty. If you just don’t have the room to store them folded–go for an underbed storage box if you need to–try to stick to padded hangers to minimize damage.
  • If you have a lot of black clothing, hanging them inside-out can help minimize the amount of lint they pick up between wearings.
  • Ties and belts deserve their own storage solutions. You can buy special hangers and racks for just this purpose. And you should.

Now, go take a hanger inventory and be happy that you only have to use them for hanging up your clothes. Or occasionally breaking into your car.