10 Ways to Kill Your Look

It always makes me sad to see when someone gets so close to be well put together, but then does one thing that destroys the whole look. Sometimes it’s a wardrobe misstep, and sometimes it’s a hygiene or grooming mistake. Here are ten things you should avoid if you want to present your absolute best to the world.

  1. Too much perfume or cologne
    Stink bomb

    Don't make me do this.

    Seriously, people, those around you never (ever, ever) need to be able to see or taste your cologne when you walk into a room. Beyond the bit where it’s obviously inconsiderate of others (some people have allergies), it also makes you seem trashy…even if it’s really expensive cologne.

  2. Scuffed, worn, or dirty shoes
    Old shoes

    Your feet deserve better than this.

    It’s easy to overlook the feet. I mean, they’re way down there by the ground. Unless you’re very shy, or the type of person who can’t seem to look up when walking, there’s a good chance that the only time you even look at your shoes is when you put them on the morning, take them off at night, or happen to step in something gross or smelly over the course of your day. But that shouldn’t be an excuse to wear dirty, worn out shoes. Clean those suckers up, maybe get a shoe shine. Ladies, make sure the heel caps and soles aren’t worn through, and if they are, take them to be repaired.

  3. Vertical stripes in stretch fabrics on curvy bodies

    Vertical stripes stretched over curves

    These lines aren't supposed to be wavy.

    If you have curves and you try to stretch vertical stripes over them, you will look like a road painting project gone horrible awry. You don’t want swerve-y lines all over your body. Stripes should hang relatively straight, and if they don’t you need a different fabric or a different pattern.

  4. Bad posture

    Slouched business woman

    Don't give up on life.

    Not only is this bad for your spine over the long-term, but it has immediate ramifications on how people perceive you. It broadcasts a message of laziness or lack of confidence, which are not generally attractive characteristics. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it also effects the fit and finish of your clothing. Outfits that might actually be a good fit can end up looking rumpled and slouchy when you allow your posture to slump.

  5. Visible panty lines

    Visible Panty Line

    Visible Panty Line doesn't look good on anyone.

    Here’s the thing about underwear: unless you’re in a tragic accident that involves a trip to the ER, or changing clothes in a locker room, no one but you and your significant other needs to see your underwear. We don’t even need to see a hint of your underwear. In fact, other than people who are actively trying to get into your pants, most of us don’t even want to think about whether or not you’re wearing underwear. So, please please please, buy undies that fit. If you’re sure that your panties are the right size, then buy clothes that fit and don’t cling over your ass. And if you must wear ass-clinging clothes (hey, some people have asses worth showing off), then consider a thong. Or go commando…just don’t tell me about it. FYI: This rule also applies to being able to see your underwear sticking out over the waistband of your pants. We Just Don’t Want To See It.

  6. Beards

    Bearded Brad Pitt

    If Brad Pitt can't pull off the faceweasel, *you* definitely can't.

    This one is meant for the guys. Beards…they don’t look good on anyone. You look like you have a weasel attached to your face. And while I am generally a lover of animals, I am adamantly anti-faceweasel. So, stop it. And ladies, if you’ve got the testosterone and steel balls to sport a beard then more power to you…but I’m still opposed based purely on my objection to the faceweasel.

  7. Stained clothes

    Woman in coffee stained shirt

    A napkin alone won't fix this.

    I realize that over the course of the day accidents happen, and we don’t all have the luxury of being able to keep extra clothes around to change into when Skippy the Intern spills coffee all over the place. But, we can all probably keep a stain stick or stain wipes around for damage control. We can all also check our clothes before we leave the house in the morning to make sure they aren’t dirty or stained. Men, this means glance at your ties and the lapels of your jackets, or your favorite t-shirt if that’s more your speed, for pizza sauce gone rogue. And ladies, especially those of us whore are blessed with large chests, give your boob shelf the once over. If you see a stain, change your clothes.

  8. Matronly hemlines

    Orange skirt with matronly hamline

    Neither the color nor interesting shape will redeem this too long hemline.

    Ladies, dresses and skirts that hit in that wasteland that exists below the knee down to about mid-calf generally hit you in the  most unflattering place imaginable. Aim for middle of the knee to just above the knee for the most flattering looks that are appropriate for both work and play. And unless you have amazing legs, staying below mid-thigh is also a good bet.

  9. White socks

    Dark pants with white socks

    Don't let this be you.

    Unless you’re in the midst of a workout, (pretending to be) a Catholic schoolgirl, or wearing white pants (and I’m even a little questionable on this one…unless you’re ballsy enough to be in a white suit), there is no excuse for white socks. Just don’t do it. If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to wear colors or patterns on your feet, just pick plain socks in a dark hue close to whatever color your pants happen to be.

  10.  Ill-fitting bras

    Bra band too small

    This just looks painful.

     If I had one wish for all women, it would be this: Go get a bra fitting. You owe it to yourself to make sure your boobs are sitting in the right place on your chest. And here’s a secret: once your boobs are in the right place, your clothes will fit in an entirely new way. And you’ll look far less frumpy.