The Sara by Doc Martens

Sara by Doc Martens, worn with red tights.

I’ve been in love with high contrast looks for awhile. I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for oxfords. When I saw these spotted high-heeled lovelies while walking by the Doc Martens store in Seattle a few months back, I had to rush in and try them on. After I got into the store, I fell in love a little more when I discovered that they’re done in a hair-on leather…so they’re pettable!

Obviously, I did more than just try them on that day. I made them my own, and promptly took them home with me.

My favorite way to wear them is as above, with red tights. The part of the outfit that you don’t see is the black dress and black sweater with white-striped shawl collar. I was loving my look that day.